Preferred Customer: Coach

Posted on March 2, 2011


It’s that time of year again, when Coach sends out invitations to their customers to enjoy 25% off any item at their stores. And as per usual, I’m very excited! This occurs four times a year, usually March, June, September and December. Right now their Spring Event Days are from March 4 through March 13. It is a great time to get those items you have been coveting at a price that is nicer to your wallet. As a frequent visitor to their shop at Copley Place, I keep my eye out on a few pieces and try to be patient for these events. At the moment I am craving items from their jewelry line.

Coach Enamel Multi Disc Necklace $178.00

I love color. I think color is something everyone should embrace. The world around us is made of an array of colors, so should what we wear. I think the necklace to the left would look fantastic with a solid color top. It will allow the colors in the necklace to really pop. As a person who loves color, this necklace would be a hit in my wardrobe. People need to stop shying away from color. I know many people think corporate America’s uniform is all black but it doesn’t have to be. But if you find yourself always reaching for black, this piece would really break up the monotony. I also love that the last disk is orange. It’s a color most people seem to avoid. I don’t discriminate with most colors. The price starts at $178, so it will cost $133.50 with my coupon. My concern with this is I’m on a strict budget and I would like to stick to items under $100. I have a penchant for spending my entire allowance very easily and I’d love to stick to a tighter budget while still enjoying the fun of shopping.

Coach Enamel Triple Key Necklace $128.00

The next necklace on my wish-list is a play off the key trend that Tiffany’s restarted a couple years ago. A trio of keys on a chain with the length of 32″, they have a spark of color and jewels to give a little sparkle. With the discount, this necklace will cost $96. I love a long necklace. I like where it falls, allowing people to be drawn to looking at your entire outfit. This piece does not have too many distracting colors, like the multi disc necklace above. It’s simpler but with just enough character to make this something I am considering purchasing.

Sterling Owl Pendant Necklace $78.00

With the original price at $78, the owl necklace is definitely a steal. What I love about it is that it has an endearing quality. It would be a great layering or signature piece. Plus, as a Harry Potter fan, I have a love of owls. This piece, after discount, will cost only $58.50. I’ve been eyeing this particular necklace for quite some time. It’s playful and childlike, which I’m drawn to. I also like that the shape of the owl is seen through cut-outs. That detail gives this necklace a delicate feel.

Besides necklaces, I’m also into a few of Coach’s rings.

Poppy Flower Ring $88.00

This flowery ring definitely hits my color criteria. It also has the right sticker price. But am I willing to pay $66 for a ring? It’s just enamel, nothing too special. I want a little more bang for my buck. And while I like this ring, I’m not in love with it enough to pay over $50 for such a small item.

Poppy Heart and Op Art Stacked Ring $78.00

The last item on my list is a trio of stacked rings. It is the same price as the owl necklace and I will get three rings for the price. I love the idea of mixing and matching. I could wear just one ring at a time or stack them up. I like the blue band in the middle. Like the flower ring, this is from the Poppy line of Coach, which is geared to a younger audience aka teens. Somehow at my age, I’m still drawn to childlike items. I like the idea of getting three rings because you could always gift to friends any one ring that you aren’t that into. I’m a little greedy, I think they all look adorable and probably wouldn’t share.

So, what do you think of my choices? I have until the 13th to decide which one will be coming home with me and joining my collection.

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