Coach’s new adventures with its old Kristin

Posted on March 5, 2011


If you are one of the early adopters of Coach‘s lovely Kristin Collection, congratulations, you are ahead of the curve. Us Weekly is calling the Kristin a trend to watch. And with good reason. Besides their fantastic functionality, the design is modern with just a touch of old-school grace.

One of my favorite parts of the line is the Art Deco clasp. It adds just the right polish and is a great focal point. The new Spring line, however, has changed it up a bit. On the originals the clasp is thicker and magnetic. When closed, it is very secure. On the new bags the clasp is thin and has replaced the magnet with a hole that latches around a small ball. Design-wise, it looks pretty flawless. You don’t notice that the ball is not part of the clasp. It’s quite clever. My guess about the change is the magnet on the original clasp is quite strong. People could have easily had issues trying to open the pouch.

Magnified view of the new version of the Art Deco clasp

Continuing on the topic of the clasp, I am not a fan of the feel of them on the wallets and wristlets. They are actually not a clasp but rather  just a hardware detail. While the look is tres adorable, it is all sorts of wrong. On the bags, it is a full clasp . It has a finish that glides the hand smoothly while opening and closing.  On the small items, the outside appearance is the same but it feels sawed off and clunky. The hand has to hold the weight of the hardware while in use. It feels heavier and like a jagged paperweight. The delicateness of the Art Deco clasp does not translate.

Kristin hobo in Aegean $298

I bought a Kristin during the Fall in Raisin. At the time I loved the muted purple tint. It pairs well with jeans and isn’t too bold that it clashes with anything from my wardrobe. With the new color palette for Spring, I kind of wish I waited. I’m a fan of their Aegean. Oh my gawd, it’s the perfect blue-green shade of teal. The saturation is vivid. One thing Coach can do is dye leather. The rest of the colors are pretty pale and unimpressive. The Aegean is as beautiful as the Greek sea its name honors. If I had to choose another color to tout, it would be the Peony. It’s on the coral side, which is one of the major color trends of the season. Online I was looking at the Yellow but feared it wouldn’t be bright. And it isn’t. It actually looks more like buttered popcorn.

Of the new items in the collection, I am not a fan of the Elevateds (pictured on Eva Longoria in Us Weekly). The frame has harsh lines because the seams are on the outside. It makes me want to grab it and turn the bag inside-out to make it look right.

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