Here’s to you, Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

Posted on March 24, 2011


I originally headed over to Tory Burch’s website to check out the Tory Burch Private Sale. After a myriad of technical glitches, angry posts and the taking down of said angry posts, the sale is now open. Honestly, I was not very impressed. The sale items are lackluster and the sale prices aren’t anything to rave over. I also find it hard to believe that cuffs and bracelets are OS (one size). One size does not fit all. I’m a fan of Tory but I’m going to advice everyone to skip it and save your money for the Robinson Collection.

Named after Tory Burch’s parents, The Robinson Collection is all sorts of fantastic. With chic clean lines and pop colors like Cricket Green, Sake Gold, Razor Blue, Lava Red and Jupiter Purple, these are the items to collect. I really like the Shoulder Bag and the Classic Mini Bag. Both are versatile in the freshest yellow hue for spring.

Robinson Shoulder Bag


Robinson Classic Mini Bag



If I’m going to go all out and pick my absolute favorites, I want the Satchel in Cricket Green paired with the Zip Continental Wallet in Razor Blue. I’m not a matchy-match kind of girl. I like pulling out a wallet that contrasts yet complements the bag it is carried in. The Satchel is shaped like a doctor’s medical bag but updated in the most perfect shade of green. Unfortunately, besides the picture of Tory holding it above, it can not be found on their website! Grrrr!

Zip Continental Wallet


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